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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

WOW! How can you not love “Love the Green Team”? Mary Love is extremely experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to helping you sell your home. She is professional, ethical and keeps you informed of what is happening. If you listen to Mary and do as she suggests, your house should sell quickly. That means believing her when she says “get rid of the clutter and personal items.” That means not arguing when she tells you that what you think your house will sell for may be “pie in the sky.” That means trusting that she has been doing this long enough to know what she is talking about. That means realizing that her experience and lack of emotional attachment to your house is what gets it sold. Isn’t that what you want? Then listen to Mary! She’s the best realtor I’ve EVER worked with – and I’ve worked with many.

Mary Love is an amazing REALTOR…I highly highly recommend her!!! She’s been doing “green” long before it became trendy, and is super knowledgeable in the area. I direct all buyers and sellers to “Love The Green Team “. Mary Love is the #1 trusted real estate broker specializing in green in WNC.

Mary is terrific, extremely knowledgeable and highly creative in all aspect of the real estate process: search, monies, financing, value, on and on. We were looking for investment property and Mary knew what to recommend, and didn’t hesitate to advise us against something and why. I highly recommend her, and would definitely use her services again.

Mary was extremely competent, professional and helpful to me when I was choosing a home. It is an enormously important decision and it requires the support of a professional like Mary. She is trustworthy in all matters of home buying and green concerns and opportunities. I highly recommend Mary to assist you in the very important process of choosing your next home.

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