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401 Moonbeam Crossing, Marshall, NC 28753 Seller Story


For Sale 401 Moonbeam Crossing Marshall NC



All my life, well, at least my first 40 years, I ate and drank whatever I wanted without a second thought. I didn’t know or think about chemicals, toxins, EMFs, indoor air quality, or anything like that. It wasn’t until I was in my early 40s that I developed a debilitating rash on my face that my perspective and knowledge started to shift. With nothing but a diagnosis of “peri-oral dermatitis” (which means nothing but inflamed skin around the mouth), I went to doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist, that had nothing to offer except steroid cream and antibiotics. It didn’t take a lot of research to learn that these were exactly part of the reason I had this rash in the first place. It got worse and worse, nowhere else on my body, but spreading over my face, red, angry, and inflamed; I couldn’t recognize myself in the mirror. After years of trying everything natural, cleanses, and cutting out some inflammatory items like gluten, things improved but nothing made it go away. It was getting worse. Desperate, I finally went for the pharmaceuticals. The suppression of the steroid cream was short-lived, and it came back angrier. There was no infection, and antibiotics did nothing except add onto the damage previously unneeded antibiotics inflicted over a lifetime. Finally, after over 8 years, an Elisa/Act blood test was suggested, which identified the triggers. While off the charts on several things, what mainly came back was a reaction to all sugar groups and halogenated biocides… chemicals! Chlorine, pesticides, fungicides, food colorings, preservatives, all of it. My personal “barrel” was overflowing with toxins, and my face was screaming out to help my body. That was when my journey of awareness began.

As a Massage Therapist since 1993, and an NC Real Estate Broker since 2004, I have a passion for health and homes. As part of my healing, I received various treatments from alternative health practitioners. One introduced me to the dangers of wireless radiation and EMFs. When I learned about the Wild West of wireless corporations and zero safety testing (actually no safety testing by wireless companies since 1996), I was fearful and felt powerless, so I became an activist to raise awareness of wireless radiation dangers. I had a thriving MyoFascial Release bodywork practice in downtown Asheville, and in 2020 Covid hit. I was already looking for a piece of land further out in the country to get away from all the new construction happening in Asheville - I craved peace and privacy. I wanted somewhere that registered ZERO on my meter, and I found a beautiful lot in French Broad Crossing in Marshall that fit the bill. Due to Covid, I had to close shop in March of 2020. In July of 2020, I bought beautiful Lot #10 on Moonbeam Crossing. While French Broad Crossing is a very large, spread-out development, Lot 10 was conveniently close to the gate, but tucked away for wonderful privacy. Most importantly, it had no radiation and it is surrounded by (and in) conservation area, so it was a guarantee that no one would be building in front of or around me. SOLD!

I called a Building Biologist that I knew from the Stop 5G Asheville group to ask her about helping to consult me for the new build. She said, “Everything is online now due to Covid, and the class for New Build is starting soon - you can do it.” I ended up signing up for a triple certification: Building Biologist Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist, BB New Build Consultant, and BB Environmental Consultant. With a tremendous amount of new knowledge, and more coming in as I continued school, we broke ground in Feb 2021. Taking into account the geographical directions of the land, applying Feng Shui principles, and applying the 25 Building Biology Principles, I applied everything I could to this new structure to make it as healthy as possible, taking advantage of starting from the ground up. Shipping in fiberglass rebar to use for the footers to avoid electrical current under the home: ethernet ports throughout the house and deck, standing seam metal roof for protection, wired completely with metal-clad cable instead of Romex, real rock covering most of North and South sides of home for passive solar, no flexible ducting, WRB (Weather Resistant Barrier), all Low-E glass windows, and many other features were incorporated to create a very intentional healthy non-toxic home. I wanted to create a place of serenity to heal and be healthy in. A place of relaxation in the woods to get away from it all, with beautiful air and water. And, how lovely to be able to drive 2 miles down the road to enjoy French Broad Crossing amazing amenities, incredible views, and river access!

I discovered my passion for designing non-toxic homes and the need we have for them. So many people today are “house sick”, building with toxic products, using chemicals in the home, and closing up all the windows, all in the name of energy efficiency. 401 Moonbeam Crossing is energy efficient by nature. Our homes are our 3rd skin; they need to breathe. We want to have a tight envelope, and at the same time be able to fine-tune our options for ventilation, ideally in a place with good air quality. That is exactly what this home is about. A house that breathes, with an inhospitable environment for mold growth, no chemicals, and no radiation poisoning - a sanctuary with a unique capacity for healing, shielding, and protection.

Although I originally built this home to occupy for myself, I realized it was about the building experience, and I decided to sell it. There is probably not another home like it in NC or possibly anywhere else. For someone who is looking for a sanctuary of peace and health, they need to look no further than 401 Moonbeam Crossing, where Nature is the Gold Standard.

I am now in the process of finishing my Building Biology studies and focusing on my new career helping people design and build non-toxic healthy homes! Thank you for taking time to read my story and how 401 Moonbeam Crossing came to be.

In Health and Gratitude, Mia Elias